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We know that the research and development (R&D) activities that nurture innovation and produce tangible business results need your valuable time and resources.

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Harnessing a clear and effective innovation strategy can help take your business innovation to the next level.

Qualifying UK businesses are able to mitigate against the cost of that investment by claiming Corporation Tax relief on their R&D projects.

We can help you optimise your innovation efforts and maximise your R&D claim.

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We aim to deliver the most comprehensive and robust R&D tax relief claim process

Taxar Innovation Partners can help you in two distinct but connected ways.

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Does your business meet the R&D incentives criteria

Since 2000, the UK government has provided Corporation Tax relief on R&D projects in science and technology with the aim of supporting companies who invest in innovation.

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Use our innovation expertise and take your innovation strategy to a new level

Taxar Innovation Partners can bring a tangible benefit to the bottom line of your innovation processes with our R&D tax relief claim support but we offer much more.

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