Get more out of your R&D tax relief and innovation strategies with Taxar Innovation Partners

We know that the research and development (R&D) activities that nurture innovation and produce tangible business results need your valuable time and resources.

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Harnessing a clear and effective innovation strategy can help take your business innovation to the next level.

Qualifying UK businesses are able to mitigate against the cost of that investment by claiming Corporation Tax relief on their R&D projects.

We can help you optimise your innovation efforts and maximise your R&D claim.

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We aim to deliver the most comprehensive and robust R&D tax relief claim process

Taxar Innovation Partners can help you in two distinct but connected ways.

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Does your business meet the R&D incentives criteria

Since 2000, the UK government has provided Corporation Tax relief on R&D projects in science and technology with the aim of supporting companies who invest in innovation.

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Use our innovation expertise and take your innovation strategy to a new level

Taxar Innovation Partners can bring a tangible benefit to the bottom line of your innovation processes with our R&D tax relief claim support but we offer much more.

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Success stories

Trusted by a multitude of businesses, big and small

Charles Stewart & Co Limited

Andrew Charles - Founder

The speed of response from the Taxar team has been exemplary together with the highest level of professional service. We are delighted to continue to work with Taxar Partners and the feedback from our client base has been nothing but positive.

The Granite and Marble Shop

Craig Rogers - Director

We couldn’t be happier. The level of service we received was fantastic, and we would definitely use Taxar again,

Focused Nutrition Ltd

Neil Lockett - Operations Director

When we received our R&D tax credit, the value far exceeded our initial expectations. Being able to reinvest the money back into our business has really helped us work towards our objectives and invest in further R&D projects.

Apex Elements Ltd

John Gilmour - Managing Director

Taxar provided us with complete transparency of the process and validated their actions every step of the way. The value we received was beyond our expectations and they were very professional, helpful and friendly to deal with.

Curti Lifts

David Galucci - Director

After years of working with alternative R&D providers, Taxar Partners is now the only R&D provider that we trust to get the best return from our R&D entitlements. Highly recommended!

B&K Systems

Iris Wainwright - Founder

Taxar’s extensive technical knowledge has delivered more than 40% growth in the claim value received from HMRC which has allowed us to innovate our products and services more confidently.

Propack Direct Mail

Emily Peacock - Project Manager

Propack Direct Mail is now better able to provide our clients with more exciting, faster, and cost-effective solutions than ever before. Thank you Taxar for the great service and fantastic support!

HLN Supplies

Jim Mitchell

The team were incredibly helpful and were always on hand to answer any questions. We would highly recommend working with Taxar on your R&D claims and projects.

Sara Duff

Smart Manufacturer

Sara Duff - Director

It is an absolute pleasure having Taxar as one of our partners. They are a true subject matter expert in their field and their holistic approach to helping companies build an innovation strategy is a real differentiator in the market. I am always very happy to introduce Ryan and Laura to our manufacturing clients.

Commercial Lines

Jim Mitchell - Director

We have worked with Taxar for a number of our R&D claims now and will continue to do so. The team were incredibly helpful and were always on hand to answer any questions. We would highly recommend working with Taxar on your R&D claims and projects.

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