Is your business eligible to claim R&D tax relief?

Since 2000, the UK government has provided Corporation Tax relief. This Corporation Tax relief scheme is specifically intended to encourage R&D projects in science and technology and to provide support to companies who invest in innovation. Filing an R&D tax relief claim can be complex, and to respond effectively you need a high degree of expertise - something that we have an abundance of.

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Government guidelines

projects can be for research or developing a new process, product or service or improving on an existing one.

To obtain tax relief, it must be explained how projects sought an advance in science and technology, how they overcame or tried to overcome uncertainty and why they could not be easily worked out by an expert in that particular area.

Getting it right is a challenge

But this is where we come in

We have a wealth of experience within the R&D tax relief industry and use our knowledge to make sure you receive the highest claim possible.

Our Claims Accelerator Process

Our Claims Accelerator Process fast tracks your entire R&D tax relief application so that it is submitted to HMRC in under a week.

Our R&D tax relief claim, appraisal and submission strategy also links to the process of embedding the core principles of innovation into your business culture, providing long-term benefits for your business as well.

If you want to find out more about making an R&D tax relief application and, at the same time, discover what we can do for your innovation culture, get in touch.

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