Would you like to take your innovation strategy to a new level?

Taxar Innovation Partners can bring a tangible benefit to the bottom line of your innovation processes

By entering a longer-term strategic partnership with us, you benefit because you are putting innovation at the heart of your business.

We advise on introducing best innovation practice that is sustainable, supports your existing business plans and offers a competitive advantage in a commercial world where innovation is vital.

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By innovating now, you are creating a business that will thrive and be competitive in the future.

We help businesses grow by accelerating their innovation and increasing the value delivered.

We will help you develop a clear picture of your innovation strategy and what is needed to deliver that, including any technological development required. By taking a systemic approach to innovation and weaving our R&D tax experience into that we will help you to accelerate your innovation delivery and de-risk your innovation strategy.

We do this by:

  • Helping you create the conditions for innovation to deliver the value you want (through consultancy)
  • Creating visibility of your innovation portfolio (enabled by our innovation platform)
  • Giving you the data you need to make decisions about your innovation and understand the current brakes and blockers to innovation (enabled by our innovation platform)
  • Enabling you to benefit fully from the UK government’s R&D tax relief legislation so that a proportion of your innovation costs are offset (through our R&D tax relief claim service)
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Key to our advice strategy is our innovation platform.

Our software platform helps to manage all the ideas you have for innovation and enables them to happen.

With the software comes a whole range of functions to support your innovation strategy including reporting, overviews, pathways, ideas mapping, testing and opinion capturing.

Combine that service with our expertise and experience and you take your innovation strategy to a new level. If you like the sound of that then get in touch.

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