The Client

The company operates from the UK’s largest vessel mobilisation workshops, advancing industry-leading plant and equipment to deliver engineering solutions beyond the capability of all national and most international operators in the market. The company’s focus on continuous improvement has enabled it to establish an unrivalled reputation for engineering quality in the marketplace.

A business born from humble beginnings, the company holds true to its core values. It is these values that the company believes has stood them in good stead over the years; helping it forge long-lasting trusted relationships with clients.

Our company has built an enviable reputation for managing mission-critical projects for clients. Our experienced, flexible, and can-do approach has positioned us as the go-to engineering and fabrication provider.

The Challenges

Due to the nature of the work, there are no readily available solutions, nor standard practices to resolve the technological uncertainties surrounding the engineering and fabrication challenges faced by the company’s specialist teams.The company often works on challenging projects where various unusual settings and complex variables intertwine, under pressurised time frames.

The Project

By analysing a wide range of projects, our technical and financial specialists were able to understand and record information about the qualifying R&D activities.

We ensured that the company benefitted from an advanced understanding of how to track and apply their innovation efforts to support the company’s financial planning and performance. Taxar Partners found that the company is regularly forced to overcome the technological uncertainties of fabricating previously unseen engineering solutions and complex modular systems.

In collaboration with the company’s industry experts, our technical specialists produced a robust report that presented the innovative efforts being undertaken so that claims for R&D tax relief were presented in the best way to achieve the optimum results.

The Outcome

Taxar Partners worked with the company for one financial period, with qualifying expenditure from fabrication advancements to novel engineering solutions. For that one year, the company received a cash injection worth close to £60K, exceeding the expectations of the company directors.

The funds resulting from the company’s innovative activities have allowed them to explore new prototype solutions to advance and allow for greater product and service delivery capabilities, further asserting itself as a market leader.